Developing our own AI Research and Product

At SensAi Technologies, our R&D services are built on a foundation of expertise in computer vision and human pose estimation technology. Our team has a deep understanding of sensor fusion, allowing us to seamlessly integrate hardware and software data to provide innovative solutions.

We have a proven track record of serving clients in a range of industries, including the French Boxing Federation. Currently, we are being incubated at Ecole Polytechnique's Innovation Lab, where we have access to cutting-edge resources and a supportive network of innovators. With a passion for driving progress and a commitment to delivering value, we are well-positioned to help organizations achieve their R&D goals.

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Computer Vision

Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables computers and systems to derive meaningful information from digital images, videos and other visual inputs.

Human Pose Estimation

Human Pose Estimation is the process of estimating the location of a person’s joints in an image or video. With our own AI technology, we made it perfect for French Boxing Federation.

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Trusted by big leagues! We invite you to join us on this journey. Whether you are an impact investor, a corporate partner, or simply someone who cares about making a positive impact, we would be honored to have you as part of our team. Together, we can create a world where everyone has access to the benefits of sport and wellness, and where every community can be empowered to improve their lives through technology.

Yama Saraj

Our CEO and founder, has a background in industrial engineering and is a competitive boxer. With a passion for sports and engineering, Yama brings a unique perspective to our team and is committed to delivering solutions that drive innovation in the sports industry.


Ilyes Talbi

Our CTO, is a mathematician from Sorbonne and ESSEC. Ilyes' expertise in mathematics and AI helps us to deliver cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

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    AI engineer for the French Boxing team
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    Founder of La revue IA

Florian Günter

Our lead physicist, has a Ph.D. in physics and brings a wealth of experience in both software and hardware engineering. Florian's expertise allows us to provide holistic solutions that meet our clients' unique needs.

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    Software & Hardware Engineer
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    Sensor Fusion Specialist
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