Why us?

At SensAi Technologies, we are proud to be the chosen technology partner for the French Boxing Federation, assisting them in their preparations for the upcoming 2024 games. Using our core competencies in AI, data science, and physics, we are developing cutting-edge solutions around computer vision human pose estimation for the federation, ensuring that their athletes receive the best possible training and preparation.

Our expertise in rapid prototyping and in-house product development has enabled us to deliver innovative and custom solutions to a variety of clients, ranging from corporates to non-profit organizations. We have a diverse team of industry experts with unique backgrounds and experiences, all of whom are dedicated to delivering the highest quality engineering and AI services to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Additionally, our partnerships with prestigious institutions such as Ecole Polytechnique and Station F in Paris, as well as our roots in Eindhoven in hardware and sensor development, have positioned us as a leading player in the sports innovation space.

At SensAi Technologies, we are committed to driving R&D towards a future where sports and technology merge to bring about positive social impact. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you innovate and achieve your goals.

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Our Team

We have teamed up with TU/e and Ecole Polytechnique students to speed up our sports technology research and development. Our collaboration aims to create a positive social impact by developing innovative sports technology that can help boxers perform better while reducing the risk of injury. We are excited about this collaboration and look forward to working together to extend the better future towards the worlds.

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