Lisa Ejrhom

Boxing Coach from the Paris. Ideal for anyone with busy schedule. With Ilyes you will learn to make the most of your time in the office with total mental relaxation. All workouts are designed to be flexible for working out at home.

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About me

I have been involved in boxing since I was a child, thanks to my father who opened his club at my birth. Very quickly I taught with him before making my own way. What is fascinating about a combat sport is that you can find any profession, any profile, and any age, all these people are looking for the same thing: self-confidence. This confidence is needed everywhere, from a job interview to walking in the street, to chasing away stress, to just saying "no" or looking in the mirror with pride. It may be trivial for some but it is very important for others.

About the course

In my teaching of French boxing, we will work on self-confidence. Mastering your body is mastering your mind and vice versa. nb: I speak French, but I'm improving in English haha!