Jason Oyugi

Winner, Coup de I'X 2022. Ideal for anyone. All workouts are designed to be flexible for working out at home.

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About me

Meet Jason, a young and talented professional boxing trainer who has earned a reputation for excellence both in and out of the ring. Hailing from Kenya, Jason has achieved incredible success as a boxer, winning both Kenyan and East African boxing championships, as well as the highly coveted Coupe de LX boxing tournament amongst Grand Ecoles in France. With years of experience as both a boxer and trainer, Jason has developed a unique approach to coaching that combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of the physical and mental demands of the sport. He is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their full potential, providing personalized training and guidance that is tailored to each individual's skill level and goals. Jason's passion for boxing is infectious, and his energetic and engaging training style makes each session both challenging and enjoyable. He has a keen eye for detail and is able to quickly identify areas for improvement, providing targeted feedback and advice to help his clients hone their skills and develop their techniques. When he's not coaching, Jason can often be found reading up on the latest training techniques and studying the sport's greatest champions, always striving to improve his own knowledge and expertise. His drive, determination, and unwavering commitment to excellence make him a force to be reckoned with in the world of boxing and fitness. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the sport, Jason has the skills, experience, and passion to help you achieve your goals and become the best boxer you can be.

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